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Alvin Chemical Co., Ltd manufactures and sells wide selection performance chemicals. Our Customers range from the distributors to small, end-users . They each have one thing in common-the promise of Alvin Quality. Our employees are committed to providing the best possible customer experience with Service and Product Support that sustains every products we have. On these Pages, we list what we are doing, if you are not sure which product/Item are right for your interest or business, please visit our where we provide information in different Items we supply and serve.

    Polyurethane is our main business, Alvin is a leader in Polyurethane additives, offering the broadest range of PU Additives for all types of Foams(Flexible, Rigid and Microcellular), PU CASE(Coating, Adhesive, Sealant and Elastomer), main products include Amine &Metal catalysts, Surfactants , Flame Retardants, Color Pastes etc. offers customers innovative, high performing and proven solutions to your polyurethane production needs.

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    At Alvin Chemical, we are committed to prove you high quality and innovative products. When choosing Alvin products as your preferred supplier of materials, you will also enjoy the technical support we have established in Europe to meet customers’ requirements. Including Amino Chemical, Metal Chemical, Phosphorus Chemical, Silicone Chemical, Carbonyl Chemical, Mixture Chemicals, Fine Chemicals etc.

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    Alvin Chemical emphasizes with an international team of well qualified chemist, offers a wide variety of chemicals that serve many different industrial customers including Polyurethane, Coating, Adhesive, Sealant, Pharmaceutical, Organic synthesis etc.

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    We’d like to make processing with imported materials, which can help us save our customers’ cost, increase our competitiveness, we are importing some raw materials abroad directly, we will enlarge our import products range, welcome to contact us, if you are manufacturing and distributing what we are looking for.

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